U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-St. Petersburg), a member of the Financial Services Committee that oversees the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), took to the House floor to demand action on the program's reauthorization before its November 30th expiration. A lapse of the program would upend real estate markets in communities like Pinellas County and put millions of families at financial risk. Throughout his first term, Crist has kept the Financial Services Committee and Florida Delegation laser focused on flood insurance and its impact on Floridians – fighting for the people to reauthorize the vital program and working to address affordability issues.

Statement of the Honorable Charlie Crist on NFIP Reauthorization

I rise today urging action to extend the National Flood Insurance Program.

If Congress fails to reauthorize the NFIP by November 30th, millions of homeowners will be unable to obtain or renew their flood coverage.

Housing markets will grind to a halt and families will be left at risk of financial ruin should a flood occur.

Congress must put this uncertainty to rest. 

Policyholders need stability.

Our housing market needs stability.

American families also need stability.

I urge my colleagues to bring to the floor – and to pass – the reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program as soon as possible.

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