Crist Statement on Reports of Venezuela Sanctions Relief

Representative Charlie Crist released the following statement following reports of lifting of some Venezuelan sanctions to restart talks between the Venezuelan dictator and the Interim President.

“Dictators like Maduro only care about one thing – their own power,” said Rep. Crist. “The people of Venezuela have suffered long enough under the socialist dictatorship. While I am skeptical of the news today, if the legitimate democratic opposition believes that this move will hasten a political solution and free and fair elections, so be it.

“Today’s reports must not, however, herald an opening of Venezuelan oil sales without strong, irreversible, and verifiable moves towards profound democratic reform including an electoral process that honors the will of the people. Absent that, oil money will only enrich Maduro and his thugs and fund the ongoing oppression of the Venezuelan people. Floridians do not want to fill their gas tank via either the Russian dictator or the Venezuelan dictator.”

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