Crist Votes to Support Pro-Democracy Movement in Cuba

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D- St. Petersburg) released this statement following House passage of H.Res.760, a resolution expressing solidarity with the Cuban people in their fight for freedom. Rep. Crist also spoke in support of the resolution on the House floor.

The bipartisan resolution, which passed with overwhelming support by a vote of 382-40, condemns the communist Cuban regime’s violent repression of peaceful demonstrations, calls on the regime to release political prisoners, and urges the United States to rally the international community in support of the Cuban people. 

This resolution follows historic demonstrations in July 2021 for freedom and against the regime – the largest in over 25 years – which arose after months of severe shortages of basic goods, like food and medicine, and widespread repression and detention of the regime’s critics. These peaceful demonstrations were met with violence.

“Today, the People’s House stands in solidarity with the Cuban people in their struggle for freedom against the brutal communist regime. In recent years, the living conditions in Cuba have deteriorated rapidly. Their economy has collapsed, and in order to maintain power, leaders have only tightened their stranglehold on the people. Communism and socialism have failed,” said Rep. Crist. “This summer we witnessed history with the largest demonstrations against the regime in over 25 years. However, these peaceful demonstrators were met with violence, show trials, arbitrary detentions, and disappearances. My heart is with the Cuban exile community – nearly 1.6 million in Florida alone – who cannot call Cuba home because of the violent communist dictatorship. The people of Cuba cry out for freedom, and this resolution is an important statement that we will not stand idly by while Cubans suffer and die, and that we will lead the international community in holding the communist regime accountable.” 

Congressman Crist has been a vocal supporter of the Cuban pro-democracy protestors, having signed on to a similar House resolution in July 2021 at the time of the unprecedented protests.

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