Crist Votes to Support Financial Freedom for Seminole Tribe of Florida

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D- St. Petersburg) released the following statement after House passage of S.108, legislation that will provide the Seminole Tribe of Florida with the freedom to purchase, lease, sell, or transfer real estate property that is not held in trust by the United States government.

Under current law, the Seminole Tribe of Florida must first seek congressional approval for the transfer of property, making it difficult for the Tribe to manage assets and generate wealth for its members.

“The Seminole Tribe of Florida faces legal barriers when buying and selling property, hindering their financial freedom and mobility. It’s time to give the Tribe the power to control its financial decisions,” said Rep. Crist. “I’m proud to join my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in supporting this important change for the Seminole Tribe of Florida.”

S.108 passed the Senate in May and is now headed to the President’s desk.

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