Crist Statement on Situation at Southern Border

Urges Immediate Halt of Deportations

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Charlie Crist (D-St. Petersburg) released this statement following reports that Haitians are being deported under President's Trump's Title 42 deportation order. 

“Recent, compounding tragedies in Haiti have broken the hearts of Floridians. Now, as Haitians seek asylum at America's southern border, it is simply wrong to be using the former president's Title 42 tool for mass deportation. No one wants illegal crossings, but it's not illegal to apply for asylum. As for legitimate health concerns, we can keep people safe with universal COVID testing and vaccines. We know how to fight this virus!

“I am deeply disturbed by pictures from the border that call back to a darker time in our history. We need full accountability for those violating the law.

“Rather than relying on Title 42 to ship people back to a hurting Haiti, the United States should work with the countries the migrants are coming from to develop workable solutions. We must have border security without sacrificing American values.”

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