Standing with Black Community, Crist Strongly Supports George Floyd Justice in Policing Act

Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Charlie Crist released the following statement in strong support of H.R.7120, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The bill, which is expected to pass the House this evening, is comprehensive legislation designed to fight racial injustice and build trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. The bill comes following weeks of protests and civil unrest across the nation after the murders of unarmed Black people.

“Today the People’s House will make clear that the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, Elijah McClain, and countless others will not be forgotten or in vain. The American people are crying out for change, for an end to systemic racism and injustice, and for peace in their communities. I hear their cries,” said Rep. Crist. “The road to justice is long and winding, but today we have an historic chance to fight an historic wrong. This is not about right versus left, it’s about right versus wrong. I urge Senate Republicans and the President to do the right thing and support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”

The Justice in Policing Act would establish a national standard for the just operation of police departments; mandate data collection on police encounters; reprogram existing funds to focus on transformative community-based policing programs; prevent choke-holds and excessive force; and empower independent prosecutors for police investigations. Additionally, the legislation includes provisions to:

  • Work to end racial and religious profiling;
  • Save lives by banning chokeholds and no-knock warrants;
  • Limit military equipment on American streets and require body and dashboard cameras;
  • Hold police accountable in court;
  • Investigate police misconduct and patterns of misconduct;
  • Empower our communities to reimagine public safety in an equitable and just way;
  • Change the culture of law enforcement with training to build integrity and trust;
  • Improve transparency by collecting data on police misconduct and use of force;
  • And stop sexual assault in law enforcement custody.

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