With the 2021 hurricane season upon us, it's important to take steps now to protect your home and family BEFORE a storm hits. With that in mind, I want to share some helpful tips and resources from Pinellas County Emergency Management to keep you safe and informed this hurricane season.
  • In response to Tropical Storm Elsa, the Pinellas County Information Center is open for preparedness questions until further notice at 727-464-4333. Residents who are deaf or hard of hearing can contact the CIC via online chat at www.bit.ly/PinellasChat.
  • Visit the National Hurricane Center for the latest forecasts, storm updates, warnings, and trajectories.
  • Pinellas County preparedness updates will be posted online at www.pinellascounty.org.

    Advice & Information for Residents
  • In the event of an approaching storm, it’s always best to have a plan in the event you need to shelter in place or leave your home.
  • Look up your evacuation zone in one of the following ways:
    o Visit http://pinellascounty.org/knowyourzone.
    o Download the Ready Pinellas app for iOS or Android
    o If you have a land line, you can call 727-453-3150 and enter your 10-digit home phone number.
  • Emergency bulletins, sandbag locations, power outage information, and more can be found at pinellascounty.org/emergency/bulletin

    Stay informed
  • Sign up for Alert Pinellas at www.pinellascounty.org/alertpinellas
  • Monitor local news media, National Weather Service, www.pinellascounty.org, Facebook @PinellasCountyNews and Twitter @PinellasCoNews.
  • Review tips and planning tools in the 2021 All Hazard Guide online at ENGLISH VERSION / SPANISH VERSION / VIETNAMESE VERSION

    Review your disaster plan
  • Please preregister for special needs shelters by calling the County Information Center at (727) 464-4333.
  • Pre-registration is recommended for those transporting themselves. For those needing transportation assistance, registration is required.
  • Residents only need to register for special needs shelters once per season, so doing it now will help you for the rest of the year.
  • Purchase necessary items to complete survival kit now.
  • Prepare your kit. Be sure to include necessary hygiene supplies and gather important papers. For those going to a shelter, we recommend that you bring face coverings and sanitizer.
  • Review checklists online at www.pinellascounty.org/emergency/prepareahead.htm
  • Sign up for pet shelters now by visiting www.pinellascounty.org/emergency/petpreparedness

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